Ineco, Your partner in Greece.
production and exports of brands and private labels


In 2005 we started supporting the exports of popular Greek food specialties abroad. Using experience in international trade (sales, marketing and exports), we created a system meeting requirements of all parties (producers/ exporters-distributors/importers), thus leading to long-term brand development and business success.


Our primary focus was extra virgin olive oil, olives and olive based products, the champion products of Greece. But we didn’t stop there, we added other food categories such as vinegar and mustards.
In these 12 years the system has proven to be effective, flexible and convenient for all partners, especially for the ones developing multi-category brands & labels.
Today, in 2016, aside from managing exports, we also produce our own olive oil products in order to provide: the best conditions, flexibility, and delivery reliability to our international partners.


With extra virgin olive oil as our main product- we are able to provide a complete range of excellent oils from all areas of Greece, with various characteristics. And since we have cultivated personal relations with all of the farmers working with us, each delivery is as unique, as it is prepared with the highest care.


We want to be able to say:  INECO, your partner in Greece.